Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow, and lots of it!

Last year I remember writing about Punxsutawney Phil, and the silly little fact that the 1st day of Spring is 6 weeks away from Groundhog Day, anyway!  So last year, since we were in for another 6 weeks of Winter, we started planning out our gardens for the summer so we could forget about the cold and snow outside.  This year though it seems tougher to focus on Spring because of the 12+ inches of snow outside and its still snowing.  We are scheduled to get another 7-8 inches by tomorrow night.  I am not complaining though, believe me, I love being home on a scheduled work day, just bound to my couch with Lifetime Television on ALL DAY, but, I got a beautiful pink bicycle for Christmas this year and I just can't wait to take her on her first ride around my neighborhood!  Ya know, introduce her to the roads and nearby parks she will be frequenting all spring and summer long.  I can't wait to put a basket on the back and go to the market or the bakery, or where ever!
So for now she sits alone in the snow, patiently waiting for all to melt.  We built her a snowman to keep her company and even Cosmo wants to go for a ride soon!