Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Last week I took my husband into the City to see Hair on Broadway for his birthday.  It was a great October afternoon.  We went to the matinee.  We hadn't been to the city in quite a while so I was having a little anxiety about it.  Some people just live for the city, and city life and some just don't.  I am in the latter half!  I start to panic, there is going to be so much traffic through the tunnel, what if we get stuck in the tunnel, where are we going to park, how much is it, will we make the show in time?  So to try to relax, we went out for lunch before hand at a local diner, stress free, taking our time to get into the city.  We hit no traffic going in which was wonderful.  We were in and out of the tunnel in no time at all.  We found a parking gargage 2 blocks from the theater with room to take us.  Whew, so far this has been pretty easy.  We have about an hour to kill before the show.  We went to an Irish pub across the street and it was packed with people.  We sat at the bar and had a drink.  Now I am totally relaxed and looking forward to the show.  The line is building up outside, better go now and stand in line.  Whoa that was fast, we are inside now taking a picture of us in the theater, looking for our seats.  Wow, great seats, center stage!  Shhh, the lights are turning down now, the show is starting!

Great show!  Great soundtrack!  Very talented actors & actresses!  After the show, the audience was invited to go up on stage and dance to "Let the Sunshine In" with the whole cast.  I've never seen that before after a show.  It was heart-warming!  Major topics discussed.  Peace Rally next week in Washington DC.  Brought a quick tear to my eye.  Great experience.  Great show. 

Home early, ahhh home sweet home!  Thank you NYC for a great afternoon but I am glad to be home again!