Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sweet September

Although it is often sad to say goodbye to summer, September is a wonderful month full of some of my favorite things.  Cool fall breezes, changing leaves, apple picking and football!  My girlfriend and I were just reminiscing about some childhood memories like our 1st day of school, bike riding, jumping in the leaves, apple picking and sleigh riding.  It was so fun sharing and remembering such things.  She has two small children so is looking forward to reliving some of those experiences with them this year.  Last weekend was the opening weekend of football and I am excited.  I always miss football in the spring and summer.  The Bills/Patriots game was full of throwbacks.  Even the refs were wearing throwback uniforms.  So feeling a little nostalgic and wanting to be a kid again, yesterday I wore two sets of earrings in each ear.  That's right, a throwback to my younger years I opened up those 2nd holes and stuck sterling silver posts earrings in there.  I felt silly all day and like everyone was staring at me wondering, "what is she doing?"  Ha!  So enjoy the shortening days and beautiful foliage for all too soon it will be winter again, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!