Friday, September 11, 2009

Mortgage Closer by Day - Aspiring Foodie by Night...

I have just seen the movie Julie & Julia and I simply loved it! First of all I am obsessed with cookbooks. I am always buying new cookbooks or printing out recipes from the internet or asking friends "what are you making tonight?, or how do you prepare that? or where did you get that recipe?" I am even working on a family cookbook right now. Collecting recipes from all my relatives to put in one collective book to be used as an heirloom for generations to come! Funny thing is with all these ideas and books etc, I don't really cook all that much. My husband is the cook in my family and he is wonderful. The thing is, I really would love to cook and get more involved. It does look like fun and of course the end result is so delicious and satisfying, I am just lazy. I also panic alot. Although my last post but about not sweating the small stuff, in the kitchen, I can't help myself. I panic that if the onion sauteing in the pan with olive oil is ready before I am done chopping the peppers the whole dish will be ruined and burnt and we'll be ordering pizza. I am stressed that I am not preparing the ingredients fast enough and then I end up chopping off my finger and now I am bleeding all over the place and the whole process must stop while I perform surgery to put my finger back together and get it bandaged up. OUCH! Then there is the stress of getting this masterpiece on the table quickly. I have hungry mouths to feed. All I keep hearing these days is 5 ingredients or less and 30 minute meals. Not in my kitchen! LOL!!

So I took up baking. Baking is more my speed. Everything gets mixed together raw in one bowl and then put into the pan all at once and baked. That I can handle. The stress here is not measuring the ingredients out perfectly, but the burn factor. Nothing is ready in the time the recipe calls for. But I am getting better and I am really enjoying using my kitchen aid and eating the end result of course!

I would love to take a cookbook and cook every recipe in it. What a great idea. If not for "Mastering The Art of French Cooking", Julie Powell would never have made aspic or boned a duck YUM-O! I am looking up a recipe for Aspic right now. I am going to bring that jellied substance back to modern day cooking. It looked delicious in the movie! Shall I set a place for you at my next dinner party? Oh gosh, that is just not right!

So for all you foodies out there, keep up the good work! And for all my aspiring foodies out there, don't give up. Practice makes perfect. Keep it up! Someone will always eat your meal. Even if it is just the dog.


Liz said...

Aspic?! Funny!It reminds me of the jelly in cat food.That movie was cute, it made me want to bring hats back.

Michele said...

Yes, yes, hats, I usually wear the paperboy style hat in the fall & winter. I love hats too!