Saturday, September 24, 2005

Summer Vacation

WOW! I can’t believe summer is over already??? Time to get back to work and back to reality. I just returned from a 10-day tour of beautiful Espana, or Spain. I recommend for anyone looking for a beautiful place to visit. Brush up on your Espanol before you go though ‘cause not many speak English over there. What a different lifestyle. We stared out in Madrid and then down to Toledo, Granada, and Torremolinos (Costa Del Sol). Everyone is very relaxed, there was no graffiti on any of the buildings, no one was on their cell phones, and there was no liter. Even the cars are different. Besides being miniature, no car had any dents or dings, no headlights out. I was amazed. The locals still siesta in the middle of the afternoon. Which means the stores close down everyone goes home to nap or relax or run errands or whatever. Even the kids come home from school. Then everyone goes back to work or school at 4:30. They party all night. The bars and clubs really start getting busy at about 1:30-2:00 in the morning. Dinner is eaten at 9:00. I swear I don’t know how they do it night after night. Half way through the tour, we went to the Rock of Gibraltar, which is owned by the British. It was nice to be back on English speaking land. It was a nice break. What a fun trip the Rock was though. There are over 300 Barbary Apes that inhabit the Rock. They are used to visitors so they just jump on your shoulders or will hang out next to ya for a quick picture. But don’t try to touch them cause they’ll bite ya! Torremolinos was absolutely beautiful!! It is right on the Mediterranean Sea so the landscapes are breathtaking. Probably one of my favorites cities that we visited. The water was cold, like the Atlantic but clean and blue. There we had the best Paella dinner ever!!!!! YUM! Then it was off to Ronda and Jerez where we got to stop at a Sherry Bodega and sample their Sherry and Brandy. Also, YUM! And Finally off to Seville. Best partying was done here. Very fun town!!!! Madrid was my least favorite. Very city like and crowded. We didn’t get to see a bull fight anywhere. I was disappointed about that. But honestly, I don’t even know if I would’ve been able to sit through a match. I mean you are watching a bull be murdered. The poor thing has no idea what is about to happen.

One of the main differences I noticed was the lifestyle. Here, it is soo fast-paced and stressful. No one even gives you eye contact anymore because they don’t have time. And for what? In the end, who is the happier species? Who is enjoying their time on this earth more, their families more, their history more? I am actually a little jealous. Why can’t we just relax?

I will say thought that it is good to be home, good to have a routine again, good to have my own bed again, so post your messages. Let me know where you’ve traveled to this year and thanks for reading!


Laura Mahecha said...

Hi Michele:
I saw your Mom yesterday and she showed me your photos and told me all about the trip and how much fun you guys had. I cracked up hearing about Stan. Glad you had fun. I would love to see that country- it looks so beautiful and like so much fun. You are right we are not as good at relaxing as the Spanish are and sometimes its a shame but overall, I think we've got it better than they do!

We took the kids on a cruise in July up the eastern coast from Bayonne and stopped in Boston, Bar Harbor, and Nova Scotia. It was great! We all had so much fun. Took the kids on a tour of Fenway Park which was really cool, went whale watching in Maine, and enjoyed a delicious lobster lunch in a fishing village in Nova Scotia. The ship itself was lots of fun too.

Kids are back in school full time (mikey's in 1st grade and Jessica is in 2nd) so I am working a lot more hours now but still from home, Its nice that I can work from 8:30-3:00 everyday and then hang out with them after school. They keep me busy too- Jess plays soccer and both are on the Summit Seal Pups swim team at the YMCA. Also, Jess is in Brownies and they both have CCD every Sun. AM. Its a busy, crazy schedule buts its all good. Thanks for sending the blog. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michele! I am so glad to here you had a wonderful time on your trip. I saw the pictures you brought to work and Spain looks gorgeous! I couldn't agree with you more on the lifestyle here in NJ. With day to day events being so fast paced, and less and less time to enjoy a wonder why we all feel life goes so fast. I'm sure anyone coming from Spain would feel the same. Driving around here amung the "rat race" fighting for a parking spot, and people not following the "zipper rule"!! hahaha. Don't get me wrong, I love where I live, and wouldn't NEVER move.., but its true that sometimes I am guilty of forgetting to enjoy today and to stop worring about, tomorrow, next week...and next year.
PS. I didn't go anywhere this summer!! I think its time for me to book something!!

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