Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Did We Land On The Moon?

So my boyfriend is slightly insane! He is always coming up with these crazy conspiracy theories, then doing a ton of research and then tries to convince everyone of his findings! However, there has been one conspiracy that I tend to believe as well and decided to blog about it to see how many other believers are out there. Did we ever land on the moon? There is much more evidence to support the lie then evidence to prove we landed there. If you think about that time and what was going on, you will understand the need for something positive. Remember, we were fighting in Vietnam and losing, President Kennedy was assassinated, President Nixon, impeached, Martin Luther King, assassinated, famine, racism, peace rallies, riots and the Russians breathing down our necks. It was an awful time, morale was down. What can we do to bring pride back to the nation? To prove we are not a failure? Let's be the first country to land on the moon! Enter Apollo 11. Let's examine this mission. The photos of those men on the moon show shadows inconsistent with the direction of the sun. Impossible to have shadows going in different directions without an additional source of light, like in a movie setting. We've already admitted to not bringing any additional source of light so the shadows prove it was faked. The reflection in Buzz Aldrin's mask, have you ever looked at what it shows? If the camera was attached to Armstrong's chest as shown is the visor, why is the reticule (+) on the bottom of Aldrin's right leg and not in the center of the picture? What about the Van Allen Radiation Belts? There is no way man or shuttle can pass through them without getting fried. There is no way to get to the moon without going through them. Why are there no stars in any of the still photos? How is the flag blowing in the wind when there is no atmosphere on the moon? Why has no other country gone to the moon? Russia was beating us in every aspect of space travel. Why haven't they attempted the moon? Because the U.S. said there is nothing up there??? Come on! Everyone hates the U.S. They can't let us beat them. They can't take our word. Also, Moe, Larry & Curly, I mean, Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins all retired shortly after their amazing feat. Hmmm? Peculiar? I say, yes! Have you ever seen one of those guys publicly speak about their mission since their August 12, 1969 press conference? No? That's because they've never spoke on record about their mission. Don't you find that odd? Was the lie too much for these guys to bear? Post your reply below. I will be more then happy to send you a very compelling copy of a great DVD I just saw to remove any doubts you may have on this issue.


Liz said...

I recently tried to disscuss this w/ my Stepfather. He thinks it sounds outrageous.Saying, an awful lot of people would have to been in on it. Now I'm not good at arguing w/ him, so it really went no where. He was in the Army at the time, in Vietnam, and agrees the US needed a lift.
I don't know. I saw that show on it, a few years back and questioned it my self. Some thing to think about that is for sure.