Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cookbook Junkie

It is official, I am a cookbook junkie. I love getting new cookbooks and trying different recipes. It is a hobby of mine, I guess. I enjoy cooking, I enjoy baking, I don't enjoy cleaning up! Thank god for dishwashers! I am always looking for new ideas or different flavors. Really cookbooks are just other peoples ideas of what ingredients may taste good with certain dishes, aren't they? I have so many cookbooks that I haven't even made something from each one. There are just so many. I can't help myself. I even started my own cookbook. Thought that would be a fun project and something really personal to give as gifts. After realizing how time consuming it is to enter recipes and lists of ingredients, that project quickly fell to the bottom of the closet! Looks like my loved ones will be getting belated Christmas Gifts this year!


Liz said...

ME TOO!! But I guess you knew that already. i made a deal with myself no more but I bought more and I down load also. Do they have a cookbook rehab facility? I need to go.