Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Crocheted iPad Cover - Felted

This month’s Crochet project?  A Felted iPad cover.  I found a You Tube video last year while I was searching for ideas for Christmas Gifts and I’ve been wanting to make it ever since.  I wrote to the author to get a copy of the written pattern.  Several emails later, it was finally posted on his website TheCrochetCrowd.com.  If you’ve never heard of the site, it is wonderful.  There are hundreds of free crochet patterns and videos and they have a great community on FaceBook.  I began the project in early April and finished it in Early May.  It takes a while especially if you are going to go through several color changes as I’ve done.  But I loved this pattern so much as is, I really wanted to go for it.  To challenge myself.  I used a 6MM Crochet Hook or Size J Hook and Patons Classic 100% woolThe colors I chose were, Pumpkin, Yellow, New Denim, Royal Purple, Burgundy & Jade Heather.  In order to felt this carry case, you must use 100% wool.  If you use arcylic yarn or cotton, this process will not work.  But that is fine too.  You do not have to felt this project.  The pattern is different for each version.  You will need to make the bag much larger if you are going to felt it because it will shrink once it is washed.  That’s right I said washed.   Once you have completed your bag, you have to put it through a cycle in your washing machine or you can felt it by hand.  I wasn’t sure I would have the stamina or the umpf to felt this by hand since this is my first attempt so I just threw it in the washing machine. It is a terrifying thought after you spent all this time making this beautiful bag only to possibly ruin the whole thing by washing it, but, have faith. Here is the trick.  Put the item in a zippered pillow case or lingerie bag, throw in a pair of old jeans or a towel to help with the agitation. (The colors of your project may run so beware).   I put 2 Tablespoons of Baking Soda in and a tiny bit of Woolite, set the cycle to hot/cold and crossed my fingers.  The water has to be super hot to break apart the fibers.  You should keep checking on the bag to see how the felting is coming out.  You may need to do another cycle of hot before the cool rinse goes through or you may be able to stop the machine early.  It really depends on the size of the item you are felting.  My bag went through one full cycle and it was fine.  Also my colors did not run so that was a plus.  The cool rinse helps set the fibers.  Then take it out, shape it, and let air dry.  Do not put in the dryer.  I could not believe the difference.  The bag was so big before, my poor iPad was sliding all over the place.  Once I felted it it is an absolute perfect fit.  I was so surprised.  How could the size be exact?  I don’t know but it worked.  And it is 100% unique.  Everyone has an iPad these days but no one will have a carry case like mine!  You can get the written pattern here:  http://thecrochetcrowd.com/accessories-purposes-bags-and-dolls/767-crochet-felted-ipad2-case-cover-pattern.html

I'd love to see your designs too so feel free to post them below in the comments section.

Good luck, and happy crocheting!
Crocheted Cover
Felted Cover