Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summertime Means Ponytails

Mason was helping me set up the photo, MEOW!
I've been doing lots of "You Tubing" this season to find new ways to "updo" my updo. Fishtail braids, cascading french braids, cute low rider buns and super chic twists. In a quick pinch though a pony is my go to updo. Quick and simple. But, simple doesn't have to be boring. My new Crochet Project is cute and fun, colorful scrunchies. These are great for any age and they are so versatile. The yarn I like to use for this project is 100% cotton. So they are even machine washable. I think the cotton works best to give the edges that frilly, girlie, playful look. I just found a self striping yarn in red, white and blue so I am getting started on my 4th of July scrunchies. They are going to be so great for all the BBQ's I'll be attending that weekend. Next it's fun in the sun August where I'll be wearing a hot pink, yellow and orange scrunchie seen in the photo.

These make great gifts too.  Photo below is an example of two dresses I bought for my friend's 3 year old.  On the left side of each dress, you will see the matching scrunchies I  made.   Too cute!