Monday, February 13, 2012

Fighting the Good Fight

Have you ever wondered about how fresh and nutritious your food really is?  Have you ever asked yourself how the green pepper in the supermarket got soo big?  

Well the answer is to become more self-sufficient.  Start a vegetable garden in your yard, raise chicken hens for fresh organic eggs, raise honey bees for pure natural honey.  Check your town's zoning and laws regarding this first and then go for it.  Gardening is very rewarding and a huge money saver also.  Growing your own vegetables is wonderful.  Going out to your yard every day to pick dinner for your family is a great feeling.  You don't need alot of space. All you need is the sun.  If you could have flowers or bushes in your front yard, why not a beautiful vegetable garden if that is where the sun hits your yard the most?  Live in a condo or townhome?  No problem.  Build a square foot garden box that you can have out on your patio or deck.

Raise Chicken Hens for fresh organic eggs.  Every morning you will get delicious, fresh, organic, pesticide free eggs.  Nothing packs as much protein ounce of ounce as an egg.  

A friend of mine recently mentioned to me that eggs in the supermarket come from egg manufacturers but, isn't an egg manufacturer a chicken?!?!?

Let's all start focusing on where our food comes from. Buy from local markets or farms.  Make a difference.  Change the laws if there are restrictions.  Fight the fight.  Isn't your health worth it?
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