Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Very Cute Handmade Wristlets

After recently finishing my first Bohemain Style Skirt, (read about it here), I was so proud of myself, I couldn't wait to make my next creation.  

As a beginner sewer, I am always looking for new fun projects that I can try to do and keep the creativity flowing.  A few google clicks later and I found this great Wristlet Tutorial and just knew this was the project for me!  Plus I thought what a great handmade Christmas gift that I can give to every woman on my list, including myself!  Handmade is a major WOW factor.  You can find the tutorial I used here.

My first thought after seeing how small the sizes were was "hmm, is everything I need going to even fit in there?"  You will notice on my finished version that I am able to fit my cell phone, my wallet, my camera (not in example because how else would I get the shot?, LOL) and a lipstick. So I knew it would be just perfect!

I think you'll find the tutorial very easy to follow if you are up for the challenge.  Of course I have a few tips to share, I think will be helpful.

Tip #1:  Do not be discouraged with this project just because there is a zipper.  I know alot of people are zipper-phobic but don't be.  On this project you attach the zipper to the lining first so it is much easier to work around.  A lot of problems I always had with zippers was trying to add it on and getting it to lay perfectly after I had already made all my seams.  So this way makes much more sense to me.

Tip #2: Regarding the strap.  You'll want to double enforce it so it is nice and strong.  After all your hard work it would be a shame if it broke the first time you used the purse. And don't forget once you fill the wristlet with all your necessities, it  is going to be heavier so you really want to make the strap strong.  I folded both sides in about 1/8 inch, ironed it so I got a nice straight line and then sewed down each side, then I folded it in half and sewed the edges together.  This also gives you a clean line on the strap instead of a rough edge.

Tip #3:  When it is time to turn the lining inside out, it can be frustrating.  The 2 inch opening you left seems like a very small opening.  But take your time, go easy.  You may need to put it down and try again later.  Don't give up.  You'll get there.

Once you are all done, you may want to iron it.  Mine was all wrinkly from working with it so much.  And that's it.  You are all done!  How does it look?  I would love to see your creations so send me your photos or questions.

And remember, "Make it Work!"