Saturday, November 06, 2010

Vacations - Stressful or No Sweat???

Planning a vacation is very exciting.  The thought of going anywhere you want is so intoxicating.  Not having a care in the world.  Your only job once you get to your destination is to have fun and explore new things and relax or go on adventures, eat, drink and be merry.  What sounds better than that?  But is the stress of a mini-vacation worth the amount of carefree living?  There is so much preparation involved once that trip is booked.  First up - the pack.  Time for a trip to the attic to find your super cute pink luggage that you had to have last year when pink was in.  Of course husband not crazy about having to wheel that around in the airport but he does with total ease and confiidence.  Totally sexy!  Then the pressure of packing too much or too little, trying to fit everything in one bag without wrinkling.  Should I vacuum seal the bags (yes I was suckered into buying those as seen on TV gadgets one restless night)?   Should I roll everything? After I manage to fit my closet into my suitcase, I realize no room for toiletries, and what about husbands clothes?  Oh boy, I've gone too far. Time to open up the extra 2 inches of space my suitcase allows for.  Nice, a little more room for another pair of shoes, just in case we go out at night. A girl still needs to look her best!  So, 8 outfits, 4 bathing suits, 10 pairs of shoes and my entire vanity closet later, I am done. Going away for 3 days has made me tired for a nap.  Next, figure out who will be lucky enough to get the call to look after our pets.  We have 3 cats, 3 chickens and 1 dog.  Time to spread the love and the responsiblity.  Mom is the first call becausue what Mom's can say no!  She happily accepts the task at hand.  Whew that was easy.  After a 40 minute tutorial on her exact duties I think she is regretting her decision but would never back out now.  Oh, how I love mom!  Next, the airport.  Hire car service, done.  Maybe this isn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be.  Bags checked at curb, done.  Airport check in, done. Thank you E-Ticket!  One last hurdle, security, ugh, the lines are soo long.  Where are the passports?  Which line is moving the fastest?  Take your shoes off, what?  Ewe!  Walk thru X-ray machine, beep.  Take belt off, walk through, beep.  Take totally cute butterfly hair pin out, (I thought appropriate Island wear even though not on Island yet), walk through, beep.  Beep, Beep, Beep!  Should I go through naked?  Step aside ma'am.  Ma'am, really?  Did we step back to the 1800's?  What is going on?  Of course husband gets through, no problem, can see the frustration in his face that I am not able to complete this simple task.  Big black wand waved over me, ah, no beeps, I am clear to get dressed.  Where are the mirrors?  No mirrors, how can I possibly go on?  Husband is leaving, ok I am trailing behind, where is the gate, ooh, shopping at the airport, great idea!  I need to stop in to calm myself down after the ordeal I just went through.  Husband is not stopping, "wait for me", I yell!  Ah they are calling our seats to board, perfect timing.  In the tube now that is going to take us to our wonderful place of relaxation, deep breath, hmm, there isn't much room in these seats and I'm stuck in the middle.  Oh please let someone nice sit next to me.  Almost full I see a woman walking towards us oh please let it be, yes, she is taking the seat next to me.  Ok the hard part is over.  Now I can just put my head back, close my eyes & when I wake up we'll be in paradise.  I can't wait!  Fasten your seat belts, chairs in upright position we are ready for take off.  Excuse me, excuse me, I feel a gentle tapping on my shoulder.  Oh-no it is the woman next to me.  Yes?  I say.  She starts telling me about the last time she flew, there was a terrible storm and the plane got hit by lightening and how she is glad it is a bright sunny day and she can't wait to get there and what she is going to do while she is there and we should meet up for drinks, and blah, blah, blah.  Is she going to talk to me the whole trip?  How long is this flight?  3 hours?  Oh no!  She is still talking and I've drifted off, what is she talking about now?  ."..we should get our hair braided on the beach... " I am going to scream.  "What hotel are you staying at?", I ask.  She says the "Casa Del Sol".  Great, that's at the end of the strip, 10 miles from where we are staying.  How much longer until we land?  Wait I hear an annoucement.  It is the captain.  We are starting our descent!  That is music to my ears!  Smooth landing, everyone is clapping.  Why?  Did I miss a show or something while chatterbox was yapping my ear off the entire flight?    At the turntable waiting for my delicious pink suitcase and here comes Tori with an "i" .  I don't believe it.  Didn't my nodding off on the plane in the middle of her last speed dating experience clue her into the fact that I am not interested in talking to her?  Ah, I see the pink suitcase, QUICK I yell to husband grab it and let's get out of here.  I need a delicious tall drink, with an umbrella and piece of fruit floating on top, where is the bar?  Thank goodness we booked all-inclusive because I am not leaving this stool for the rest of the day!  Finally, our vacation begins.  Unitl we hear "Yoo-Hoo"........