Monday, April 06, 2009

What are appointments for anyway?!?!?!?!

Ugh, the most frustrating thing is waiting to see a doctor. First off going to the doctor is never fun because it usually means there is some kind of problem. But then when you walk into a waiting room full of people with some kind of ailment, the future seems bleak. "How far behind is the doctor running?" you ask the receptionist. Only abt 15 minutes she says. Yeah right! I recently went to the dermatologist. I made a lunch time appointment becasue the office is litereally next to my office. PERFECT! I waited one full hour, standing I might add, becasue the waiting room didn't have enough chairs for everyone. There were even people sitting on the floor. Anyway, I never saw the doctor. I had to go back to work. He just lost my business. How hard is it to pop a few pimples, give patient cream, move on? LOL! I always loved that Seinfeld episode where Jerry calls his dermotologist girlfriend "Pimple-Popper, M.D." So now I am in search of another doctor to waste my time before getting called. But even then, the wait is not over. Once you get called you feel like "AH, finally, that's me!" You jump up eager to get into the examination room only to then be told to strip, put on a gown and the doctor will be in in a few minutes. Well now I am waiting in a much smaller, much colder waiting room and I am wearing a paper robe with socks on. How humiliating. How much longer! My advice? Call before you go to the office and see how far behind the doctor is running. You'll save yourself some aggrevation and keep your blood pressure down! Good luck all! Ah-Chooooooooo!!!!!!!!!


Liz said...

I work in a Dr's office. Do not even bother calling the ofice to see how they a running. They Lie!!! Boo for the paper gown.