Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Winter Blues

Since Punxsutawney Phil, Seer of Seers, Prognosticator of all Prognosticators saw his little Groundhog shadow this year, we are all in for another 6 weeks of Winter. So how do we beat those drabby Winter Blues? The holidays are over, the snow has all melted, the trees are still bare and the temperature is still in the thirties. It is runny noses and mittens and hats weather out there. Spring seems so far away. To keep our spirits up, my husband and I have started planning out our garden for this year. We have planned out the herbs and veggies we want to do this year and where to plant them in the yard. We have planned out meals we can make this summer with our fresh homegrown produce and have researched how to preserve and dry our herbs for the winter. It has really kept us quite busy and not so focused on the cold days and nights. We have even been going out for long walks with our dog Cosmo during the day to feel the warm sun on our faces and remind us that spring is just 'round the corner. So chin's up everyone and remember the 1st day of Spring is March 20th. Isn't that 6 weeks away from Groundhog Day (Feb 2) anyway?!?!?!?!