Monday, December 08, 2008

Crazy For Cookies

What is it about the holidays that makes me feel like baking cookies? I am always in search for new and cute cookie cutters. Last year I made sugar cookies for Christmas and decorated them with colored sprinkles. Pretty generic, I know but like I said I am 0% creative. They came out ok but I wasn’t able to bring them to family or friends since I burnt them. I haven’t made cookies since. All my new shiny and super savvy cookie cutters are now at the bottom of my closet, collecting dust, along with all my other craft projects that I mentioned a few blogs ago!

Well Christmas is just 2 weeks away now and the cookie cutters have made their way out of the closet! Yup, that’s right! I attempted Christmas Cookies again this year. I am trying Royal Icing instead of just sprinkles. A little more daring and much more creative. I didn’t even burn the cookies this year! They are just a tad well-done! LOL!!! The icing was fun to work with and mixing in all the different colors was so Jackson Pollock. Perhaps batch two will be able to see the light of day and be given as a hostess gift to my loved ones having the holidays this year. I think I finally have the baking time down to a science. Waking up this morning and seeing all my beautifully decorated cookies on the counter, I was impressed and eager to try again.

Send over your best cookie recipe and maybe you will be the next recipient of a plate of my slightly over-cooked, a little misshapen, but very colorful Christmas cookies!

Good Eats Everyone!


Liz said...

Beautiful!!!! Yum

vicalf said...

Good job honey.....There were very tasty.